Stormy Acres

Stormy Acres Bee Farm is home to Allan and Elaine Storm. Allan or “Storm”, as I prefer to go by, am an avid connoisseur of honey. I have been fascinated by honey bees and beekeeping since my childhood. I have traveled the world and been extremely blessed to have seen so many various ways of managing honeybees and tasted so many different varietals of honey. However, it wasn’t until I settled down in Maryland, after retiring from U.S. Marine Corps and returning from a DoD civilian air traffic control job overseas, that I befriended a local beekeeper who starting mentoring me as I got my own hives. He provided me “Beekeeping For Dummies” and my own beekeeping adventure began. Besides keeping bees in Maryland, I have also kept bees in Europe, Belgium, where I started learning the science of beekeeping. I have traveled and worked with bees in Malta, Slovenia, the Balkans and Turkey. I have studied at the Beekeeping Academy of Slovenia and now have my own Carniolan bees within Slovenian “AZ” hives. I have completed the University of Montana’s online Beekeeping Certificate program which consists of three university-level courses at the apprentice, journeyman, and master levels, culminating in a certificate as a “Master Beekeeper”. I also attended the 1st honey sensory training course taught by the Italian National Register of Experts in Sensory Analysis of Honey; developing methods of sensory analysis to taste and evaluate honey at an academic level. And completed the 1st course in Natural Beekeeping taught by the University of Montana – integrating honeybee ecology into modern beekeeping. With close to 50 hives I continue to enjoy the art, science and challenges of beekeeping.

Elaine, the best beekeeper’s wife, has over the years graciously accepted beekeeping taking over her husband’s life.  That is until she gets stung or cannot work in her green house or garden area.   An artist at heart, she does a brilliant job of painting the hives and woodenware.  She also, on occasions, will put on a bee suit and carefully helps in performing hive inspections.  Elaine does enjoy making candles, soaps, and butters.  Did you know that 100% beeswax candles burn brighter, longer and cleaner than any other wax?  Elaine also manages the selling of chicken and duck eggs.  Keeping backyard chickens, ducks, geese, guineas, and sheep, can be exciting.  Mostly she enjoys raising the babies; chicks, ducklings, goslings, and little lambs.

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